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Cherry Blossom
Romantic Gourmands
sugary scents
for the darkly inclined
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Lovesick Witchery is a

woman-owned independent perfumery.

I specialize in unexpected scent experiences,

as well as custom perfumes.


Oftentimes, my creations are more memory than perfume.

I've always believed that from pain and madness, something magnificent could blossom.

The lovers of the strange are everywhere.

The creeps, the lovers of horror and decay, the weirdos.

Lovesick is for all of us.

A love letter to the ghastly. 


 Magic and fragrance meet here. 

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Re: Roe V Wade

Lovesick Witchery supports the bodily autonomy of all people. We support safe, legal abortion. I am a small business owner, but I am also a uterus owner and a fervent supporter of equality.

The Supreme Court's decision directly endangers all AFAB people, especially those who already belong to under-served and marginalized communities.

I urge you to donate to your local abortion funds. Do what you can to help those of us who are in danger. Perhaps the money you might have spent with us can be donated instead.

I will be donating 5% of the purchase price of every sale on our website, starting 06/25/2022, to the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). In full disclosure, I don't know how long I will able to afford to do so. This will only be on our site, not our Etsy shop.

Vote in candidates who support reproductive rights when you can, but there are many who need access to abortions now. You can find your local abortion fund at the link below.

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