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Frequently Asked Questions

My perfume doesn't last on my skin, what can I do?

I have several tips for getting the best longevity out of our products. Most importantly, never rub in your fragrance. It can be tempting especially with perfume oils, but rubbing in perfume crushes the fragrance molecules and can drastically shorten the longevity of the scent. Always allow your perfume to dry/skin in naturally.

Secondly, I recommend applying your perfume to moisturized skin. With any perfume, moisturized skin will hold fragrance significantly longer. Some folks even use a dab of petroleum jelly underneath their fragrance.

What's the Difference between oil based and alcohol based perfumes?

Oil based perfumes are, as you might suspect, in a base of oil. They don't contain any alcohol so they're hydrating and non-drying. Oils tend to wear closer to the skin. This makes them a great choice for folks in office settings or other situations where you'd prefer your scent stay close to you. Alcohol based scents tend to project further from your body, providing a larger "scent bubble". Some people find that they get better wear time from oils, and others have better luck with alcohol. It can vary from person to person, so I recommend experimenting!​

What's the Difference between rollerballs, body mists, and parfums?

  1. Our rollerballs are oil based. They're comparable in strength to a store-bought EDT. They contain 20% fragrance concentrate, making them our middle option when it comes to strength.

  2. Our body mists are alcohol based mists. They're very lightly scented, at 3% fragrance concentrate. They are comparable to a store-bought body mist. They're great for refreshing your scent, or for folks who would prefer their scent stay unobtrusive. 

  3. Our parfum option is our most intense fragrance by far. They contain 40% fragrance concentrate and provide a long-lasting, intense scent. Parfums are alcohol based unless they're being shipped internationally, in which case the base is swapped for oil. 

Can you create a dupe for another fragrance?

Unfortunately, I am not able to create duplicates of existing scents. My area of practice is within creating original scents. While I am happy to create a scent that has similar notes to another, it will still be its own unique blend and not a duplicate.

I'm looking for a scent/herb/oil you don't have listed.

I am constantly growing my inventory. If you have a specific scent note, herb, etc that you'd like to include in a custom order but it isn't listed, please feel free to send me a message! I can often source it and then you can place your order once it's added.

I want a custom item but I'd like to try it first. Do you offer samples of custom blends?

At this time I do not have the ability to offer samples of custom items. Custom items require a lot of both time and supplies. It normally takes a minimum of an hour to custom blend a new scent and I often go through 4-5 blends tweaking the notes before I'm happy with the results. I strive to only ship my customers items I'm truly proud of.

Samples would be too expensive to be worth it if I charged enough to cover time and supplies. If you want to test your creation before spending a lot, I would highly recommend trying your blend out in the form of a 10ml oil rollerball. They are the most cost-effective options I offer.

Are your products vegan and/or cruelty free?

All of my essential oils, absolutes, herbs, and carrier oils are cruelty free (and vegan by nature, except for local Ohio honey which I do stock for use in custom altar tins.)

All of my synthetic fragrance oil suppliers are cruelty free.

The difficulty comes in when it comes to synthetic fragrance oils and their ingredients. Unfortunately, manufacturers are not required to disclose exact ingredients as it's considered a trade secret. Because of this, I can't verify vegan status on most of them (out of my five main fragrance oil suppliers, two verify vegan status). This doesn't mean that they *do* contain animal products, but I can't be sure they don't. 

So essentially, all of my natural products (essential oils, carrier oils, absolutes, herbs) are verified cruelty free and vegan. However, I can't say for certain either way when it comes to synthetics. We only buy and carry synthetic versions of animal derived ingredients (like musks and ambergris).​

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