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The carnival has packed up and moved to the next nowhere-town. The midway sits desolate. Whispers of motor oil stain the cement parking lot. A stray cat lapping up spilled cherry slush on a patch of dead grass nearby to where the tilt-a-whirl once sat. No children laughing, no shrieks of excitement, only wads of chewed bubblegum spit out on the dirty ground. The glittering lights are gone, the fairway music silenced. A smattering of black licorice strings, crushed into the earth by countless shoes, harken back to a time of childhood revelry. A few corn husks are scattered from abandoned harvest decorations.


Fragrance style: sweet, earthy, haunting


Notes of spilled cherry slush, bubblegum, black licorice, hay, dead grass, motor oil, cement and corn husks.

Lament of the Midway Perfume - cherry slush, bubblegum, and dead grass

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