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It's pitch black outside the giant display windows of the 24/7 self-serve laundromat. You can't see anything through them except for your own reflection. The buzzing fluorescent lights are bright, making you feel like you're on display. You can't see anyone outside, but can they see you? Pristine steel folding tables, rows of washing machines and dryers, coin operated detergent vending machines, a few benches and chairs to sit in while you wait. The air smells of dryer sheets, warm cotton, and a hint of soft vanilla fabric softener. You're engrossed in pulling your clothes out of the dryer when the door entry alarm dings behind you.


Fragrance style: Clean, soft, warm


Notes of lavender, white pepper, dryer sheets, detergent, warm cotton, and vanilla musk.

Dead of Night Perfume - warm laundry, dryer sheets, and vanilla musk

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